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Founded in 1995, CG2, Inc. has built an exceptional reputation for delivering affordable, high-performance, high-fidelity simulation solutions within our clients' demanding time and budget constraints.
The staff at CG2 has long-established VISSIM expertise, which is reflected in the quality of the systems we deliver.
We are the proven leader in man-wearable training systems and hardware-in-the-loop training systems.

Through multiple SBIR awards we have become the innovators of key software, hardware and system technologies that will dramatically benefit the VISSIM industry, , including utilization of LIDAR data for training and mission rehearsal.

Our Objective

Please take time to review our parent company, Quantum3D®. Quantum3D

Quantum3D® is the leading provider of Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) open-architecture real-time simulation computing solutions.

Quantum3D® combines the most advanced hardware and software systems for graphics simulation in a variety of markets and implementations including image generation and visual computing for avionics and vehicle applications; synthetic environments; graphic subsystems and other COTS solutions.